Buying Your Next Car

Looking for a new shiny car to drive to the golf course? Or, maybe it's time to replace that old beat up work truck that's about to cost you thousands of dollars to repair just to keep it on the road. Purchase your next car or truck the easy and stress-free way from a dealer who cares about your satisfaction.

Unique Car Buying Experience

Car Buying in Evansville

The Romain Automotive Group began it's roots back in 1964. Since then, they have evolved into an entire auto park with four brands of vehicles to choose from. Their office and sales personnel are masters at providing their customers with a unique and pleasant car-buying experience that's rarily seen today.

No Commission Sales Team

Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park, one of the oldest car dealerships in Evansville Indiana, sells all Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Subaru makes and models. They also have a pre-owned vehicle section with certified and inspected cars and trucks. Their commission-free sales team won't pressure you to buy.

Lifetime Warranty

Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park is home to the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. This means that as long as the vehicle you purchased under the lifetime warranty program is under your ownership, they'll make sure that the key components that keep your vehicle running smoothly are well maintained and protected.

Get in touch!

Take a look at Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park today before you buy your next new or pre-owned car or truck. You can schedule a test drive or or view their inventory online, or simply give them a call. If you need to obtain lease or finance information, their credit department will help you find the best lease or auto loan possible.